• ISBN-10: 1460291972

  • ISBN-13: 978-146029197                                                                                  

  • Sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way you expect. Along its path we suffer many disappointments, hardships, and failures leaving us shattered and broken of heart. Often we come to a point where life seems hopeless and our dreams of a brighter future are far beyond our sight and seem out of reach. During times like these we can forget who we are and lose awareness of our God given identity. But there is hope given to us throughout the Bible. God gives us reasons to hope, dream, and live again. There are so many facts God wants us to know about Him and to know about ourselves. The Faces of Eve examines the lives and testimonies of biblical women, their plights, sorrows and struggles. During this study you will see how they are like us and how God responded to them. This very personal and powerful study teaches us that just as God made himself available to them, he makes himself available to us. As you study, you will discover many life-changing principles that will heal your heart, transform your thoughts, and richly bless your life. The "Know Principles" will help you to understand who you are as defined by God. This journey through the Word of God will help you experience the power of His love, His willingness to heal your brokenness, and His eternal plan to restoring you. So that, you may live a life that reflects God's glory, now and forever.